Minh Hoang-Merchant | Kisaco Research


Ms. Merchant is a seasoned executive with deep healthcare experience, which includes companies spanning the market cap spectrum. From her contributions at a Fortune 5 public healthcare company, where she provided steady guidance on complex issues, to her strategic counsel at a nimble pre-IPO start up where she oversaw several transactions and financings just prior to its $375 million merger with a public company, Ms. Merchant has provided legal counsel and regulatory oversight on all aspects of corporate matters.

She is the General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and Corporate Compliance Officer at Aspira Women’s Health Inc.,  (Nasdaq: AWH), a bioanalytical-based women’s health company.  Prior to joining Aspira, Ms. Merchant served as General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Corporate Compliance Officer at Genome Medical Inc., a private telegenomics company. Prior to that, she served as Associate General Counsel, Global Director of Litigation & Human Resources at Myriad Genetics where she provided legal and strategic guidance on all matters of healthcare regulations, compliance, privacy commercial relationships, federal and state regulations and clinical trials. Ms. Merchant began her corporate career at McKesson Corporation, a Fortune 5 company and the largest pharmaceutical distributor in the nation, where she served Chief Counsel after one decade in private legal practice. Ms. Merchant began her career in law after graduating from UCLA School of Law where she was the Joseph Drown Fellow. Ms. Merchant has served as President of the Vietnamese American Bar Association of Northern California, and was the inaugural co-chair of the National Conference of Vietnamese American Attorneys in 2008.

Job Title: 
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Aspira Women’s Health